Section 8 Pictures

Typical ass shot

My First Lead!
Triad of Evil

Van Normans
Old Farts

Group Shot

Who's That?

Dave and Larry


Next Generation
The Horror...

Where's Carol?

Tattooed Women
A bit of rain

April 2001
A favorite pastime

JT Fire

John and JP
Three likeable fellows

Steve and Toby
Just her size

Marti rides a trike
Hangin' out

Jason rappels
Mother and son?

Jason and Marti
1st Annual JT Croquet Open

Croquet, Oct. 2009
A variation on the Queensbury rules

Marti plays croquet
One Burton-rita, coming up


New Year's 1999
Yes, it was cold.

Morning Of?
Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Steve and Joe
The Fam

Purple Hat and Co.
Estrogen Overload

Wild Women
Nice Hat

Anne and Marti
Why It's a Lady!

The Ladies (Again)
Fez Power

Steve and Kitty
Breakfast Anyone?

Festive Tequila
No Relation

More Friends of the Hat

Joe in Glasses
Men of Taste

Jason, John, Jerry

Peru 2001
Hail the Conquering Heroes!

The Sun Gate
Viva Los Ochos!

On the Trail

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