Razor Jacksuit

"Jacksuit" is a reference to the fictional lounge singer, Razor Jacksuit. Razor, as far as I know, is an entirely original fabrication of my own mind. The story goes something like this:

I was taking a nap one day in my dorm room during my freshman year of college, and I had an odd dream. In the dream, I was sitting in a dingy nightclub listening to a somewhat cheesy lounge singer and his band. They were singing a song I knew, called "Tragedy at My Door." At the time I was able to make out most of the song's lyrics, although I can only remember two of them now. The two I recall are "There's tragedy at my door," and "There's cheesecake at my door." Somewhere along the line, I realized that I was dreaming, and decided that I should try to listen as carefully as possible to the song, to try to uncover some hidden meaning. The dream ended shortly thereafter, segueing into a weird, semi-conscious state in which I kept thinking I had woken up, only to find out that I had only dreamt it. And just as I finally woke up for real, a random thought came to me: "That singer's name was Razor Jacksuit."

I thought this was all pretty cool. Normally the characters in my dreams have no name, or at least not interesting ones. So since then "Razor Jacksuit" has been a kind of recurring alias for me, generally only relevant when it comes to e-mail and other online arenas.

P.S. Since that first dream, only one other fact about Razor has bubbled up out of my subconscious. Early this year (2000), I pulled the name of another of his songs out of a semi-conscious state. I don't have any lyrics for this one, but I know that the song is titled "Thank You, Chinese Action Figure."

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